Course Assignment

CSI-2 Creative & Critical Thinking Advanced Assignment

  • 1

    Assignment Intro

  • 2

    Module 1: Preparing for the Assigment

    • Preparing a successful pitch and avoiding failure

    • CSI Design Thinking Pitch checklist (PDF downloadable reusable file)

    • Top reasons why creative pitches fail

    • Ideas that succeed and can be implementated

  • 3

    Module 2: Understanding the structure of the Assignment

    • Using the Strategies for Innovative development (SID) model as a framework

    • Creating the pitch deck

    • Targeting your pitch deck

  • 4

    Module 3: Designing & Presenting the Pitch

    • Assignment Part 1: Create a draft SID model using the Workbook & flipcharts

    • Presenting this pitch direct to your stakeholders

    • Assignment PART 2: Create a final Pitch Deck

  • 5

    Follow up

    • Arrange for a feedback session

    • Stay in touch!

Try and Apply the Creative and Critical Thinking Learnings

This assignment course is designed to allow you to try and apply all the learnings from the previous workshops or a prior understanding of design thinking models, into your very own  real-life environment.

At the end of this Assignment course you will learn to do the following:

1 How to use the SID model for solving real wicked problems: Miroboard OR PDF workbook, OR Flipchart set. 

2 How to create  PPT Pitch Deck to present to stakeholders

3 How to record a presentational pitch

Solving “Wicked” problems

Here are some of the ways our programs have helped market leaders across all industries solve their own wicked problems using our SID with design thinking model

  1. How to generate revenue and fill an empty hotel during CoVid.
  2. How to engage 6500 employees WITH  limited resources & pay minimum wage
  3. How do we motive employees IN a highly controlled process cost drive, KPI,  environment? 
  4. How to collaborate WHEN  we are all measured by individual incentives. 
  5. How to sell a premium “western” product in China GIVEN  the current local loyalty.
  6. How to launch a new brand / car THAT received very poor reviews 
  7. How to deliver affordable nutritious foods for families WHO HAVE a lack of economic resources. 
  8. How to fill an empty container WHEN customers wont pay the price guide.
  9. How to implement change (new system)  in banking WHEN traditional staff won’t accept it.
  10. How to become the market leader WHEN we are not
  11. How to stay competitive WHEN we are a government backed company 
  12. How build an agility culture,  BUT being agile and flexible are something contrary to the nature of our legal work.


"From just one of the unique solutions they implemented, we were able to generate $750,000 in revenue, and we outperformed our competitors by 150%. "

Who this course is for?


We recommend doing this course after having participated in, or understanding the stages and contents covered in our Creative Thinking Process courses (workshop) or a similar design thinking course. 


The session is best run with a small team (3-10) and is flexible to be done face to face and or virtually. Multiple teams can do this course. 


A) The session (the page you are on now) is called the CSI2 Advanced Assignment course

For the complete end to end solution package, you may have already done OR may need to purchase separately the following  modules:

B)  CSI2 Creative Solutions Collaborator Canvas /Miroboard 

C) Coaching/feedback-   Analysis, Feedback & Coaching 

A) Advanced Assignment 
(this course)
B) Additional optional: 
CSI2 Creative Solutions Collaborator Canvas /Miroboard
Additional optional: 
Analysis, Feedback & Coaching  sessions



If you are completing this as part of a program organised by your organization/company, then check with your organizer / or facilitator the following: 

  1. You have been given access to this course with no need to individually pay. (coupon) 
  2. The group’s allocation (teams) and team coordinator. 
  3. Timing (milestones)
  4. If you have been pre-assigned a real workplace case study or topic (most likely) OR if you will be using the ones provided in this course.
  5. What tools you will have access to? (workbook, flipcharts, Miroboard) 
  6. If coaching and feedback comes with the package (and how much)
  7. To what level, detail and platform you are expected to pitch at, + the timing.


Independent teams can purchase this course online, and self-lead themselves through the course. For example, you may have participated in a prior workshop, and whilst your organization is no longer financing any extensions or the original course,  you are choosing to purchase this course independently. 

This CSI2 Advanced Assignment course (A) (the page/lesson you are on now) can run on its own, independently, and the team can self-monitor, self-feedback, with the end result of a great solution and the ability to pitch it to their stakeholders. 

However, there are a few additional purchases we recommend to ensure an end-to-end solution is reached. (additional fees apply to ensure total flexibility).

B. Purchase a CSI2 MIROBOARD CANVAS.  ($ per board / valid for one team for one month)

Why you might benefit from this miroboard? included in this assignment package is a PDF set of flipcharts that can be used to workshop through your case study or challenge problem. However, the Miroboard version is more sophisticated, with built-in instructions, videos, & outside URL links, all in one place. It's perfect for a remote destructive virtual team to use.  

C. Purchase additional coaching/feedback sessions ($ hourly or $ daily rate).  

Why you might benefit from coaching and feedback? it is possible to work through this assignment 100% independently (and this is why we have kept the price down.)  However, there are times when using the process you may like to learn more, present and bounce ideas off a professional coach. Plus if you are planning on a final presentation (to the boss),  it is highly recommended to first run the presentation past a coach for feedback. The hourly rate is offered as each team has different needs, so we offer this flexibility to purchase on an 'as-needed' basis. 

If you choose not to engage a coach, then please ignore any lessons and instructions pertaining to uploading assignments, recording &/OR booking a coach.


If completing this independently as an individual, you can still go through all the steps and choose a problem, solve it and prepare a pitch.

Designers & Research Team

Andrew Grant  (BEd, Dip Tch)

Executive Director Tirian

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race”

Gaia Grant  (PhD, MSc, Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), BA, Dip Ed.)

Executive Director Tirian, Author, Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer
Associate Adjunct Faculty Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney Business School. 

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race” & Director of Tirian 

Contributing Researches & Co-designers:
- Dr Jason Gallate (PhD) Psychology & Neuroscience,
- Dr Lloyd Irwin  (DMin) Leadership,
- Carol Fusek (former P&G executive)