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About: Analysis /Feedback /Coaching programs

We can offer targeted feedback to identify the creative and critical thinking capabilities, innovation leadership readiness, &  team dynamics.  Teams can also upload self-led collaboration canvas results so one of our coaches can identify & analyze issues, provide expert feedback.

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PRE: Analysis -   Innovation & Creativity Capabilities Development

Targeted feedback to identify innovation &
change readiness through…

  1. Ambidextrous leadership capabilities assessment
  2. Creative and critical thinking capabilities diagnostic
  3. Team dynamics diagnostics 

POST: Analysis /Feedback /Coaching

Self-led teams have the option to upload their canvas / board / assessments. We can use the end results to identify & analyze issues, provide expert feedback, and offer coaching courses (single or multiple) sessions. We offer this support option to ensure proactive outcomes are reached.  (extra fees apply). 

Core Course Topics we can cover: We can offer Analysis /Feedback /Coaching for any of our online courses, including:  

  • CREATE: Who Killed Creativity Gamified Diagnostics Board (CSI1) 
  • CREATE: Creative Collaborator Canvas with Design Thinking SID model & tool (CSI2)
  • INNOVATE: Future Ready Leadership iCLi- Assessment  
  • INNOVATE: Future Ready Leadership iCLi- Accreditation
  • INNOVATE: Ambidexterity leadership iCLi - Coaching Canvas
  • COMMUNICATE: The Reality of Virtual Teams & Sociograph -Team Dynamics Strategies and Mapping (ICE)

Who is this for?

Our AFC program is great for: individuals, leaders &/or teams that would like to dive deep and be further and specifically upskilled through personalised sessions. 

  1. Team leader & stakeholder(s)
  2. The full team (with their leader)
  3. Individuals

What we can offer

  • Assess readiness and capabilities
  • Pre briefing to understand the needs/outcomes and then to guide the leader in what to look out for
  • Analysis - after completing the course, we can study prepare and analyze prior by looking at your final / filled-in miroboard &/or assessment. We will ask you to send this in advance (in this course)
  • Feedback- after the Analysis we can provide feedback.
  • Coaching  - after Analysis & Feedback we can offer Coaching to help ensure the results are effective. We can suggest follow up and look at "what's next". 

Rate options:


Choose this course online and pay online for 1-3 session(s). The fee from this course will include the following / per session:

  • Analysis: (60 min). One of our team will spend time to study prepare and analyse by looking at your finished board/assessment). This will allow them to give relevant feedback and coaching.
  • Feedback and Coaching: (60 min). We will arrange a session to give personal feedback and coaching.
  • In the PURCHASE (orange button) at the top of the home page, you have the option to buy 1,2 or 3 sessions. 
  • Note that by buying / purchasing this AFC session(s), you are just engaging a coach. The fees in this session do not cover any additional tools (miroboards, canvases, assessments, other courses etc)


Should you want to engage in the following please let us know and we can arrange a quote, invoice, coach/facilitator and time. Contact us  

  • a specific coach (example: Dr Gaia Grant due to her research)
  • a more in-depth session 
  • multiple sessions, 
  • more integration (pre-brief*), 
  • written report & research, 
  • a full workshop (professionally facilitated), 
  • a keynote (conferences), 
  • research, 
  • strategic planning etc
  • face to face in-person coaching


  • Once you book this course, send us an email with your expected outcomes, topic, the reason for engaging a coach,  time frame and rough availability. Or if we see the booking we will send you an email to arrange a session. 
  • We will then send you an invite (by way of Zoom /Teams) 
  • Coaching in this platform / course booking takes place online (via Zoom / Teams etc). 
  • We ask that you join the session with your camera on, and in an undistracted setting. 

Please note time zones for sessions.  

  • Our core team and directors are based in Sydney Australia (GMT+10)
  • Depending on what is required, we have some accredited associates & licenced partners in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dubai, Cario, London, Chicago. (we suggest if you are not sure to check with us first)

Capabilities & Readiness

Targeted feedback to identify the creative and critical thinking strengths and innovation leadership readiness and capabilities of individuals and teams.


CREATE CSI1 program: 

A leader can upload their team's Who Killed Creativity Gamified board outcome, ready for our coach to study, analyze and provide feedback. (to the leader and or their team) 

CREATE CSI2 program: 

A team can upload their creative collaborator canvas (& design thinking tools) for our coach to give feedback on 1) their workings 2) final solutions (SID final canvas) & 3) their pitch deck.

Team Dynamics


A leader/team can upload their sociograph to get analysis,  feedback & coaching on the dynamics of their team.  

Profiling Measure

INNOVATE: iCLi Ambidexterity leadership: Our coach can review your assessments & profiles to discuss both individual and team results.

Future-Ready Ambidextrous Leadership Coaching Canvas:

INNOVATE: iCLi Ambidexterity leadership: Our coach can review your  Coaching Canvas: