About our Online Learning Experiences

ABOUT: The online courses we have designed are educationally sound and carefully designed with a flow to make sure effective learning takes place and can be actioned. TOPICS: We are the original designers of interactive learning experiences which build future leaders and high performing teams for more innovative organizational culture. Our courses are designed to help leaders and teams in the key areas of innovation, creative thinking, communication and vision mission values. COURSE PROGRESSION: Available as: Essentials -Pre session introduction Core Content (webinar) Extended Learning Journey (online course) Advanced Assignment Courses (webinar + online course + assignment) Specialised Accredited Coaching Courses THE FLOW: The sessions follow our 4 Rs method to ensure learning. The 4 R’s > Review, Refresh, Reflect & React. METHODS: Integrated into the sessions are specially designed books, audio casts, white papers, podcasts, interviews, videos etc all sequentially placed in the courses to get maximum learning THE PEDAGOGY: Our blended learning allows participants to best use their time and self pace engaging with interactive content focusing on key concepts prior to class, allowing face-to-face / digital workshop time for collaborative activities that clarify concepts and contextualise knowledge through application , analysis, and planning and problem solving. The preparatory activities conducted prior to face-to-face sessions, higher order learning during class time, active learning involving peer instruction followed up with an assignment present back / pitching with feedback ensures we are confident of actionable lasting results. These courses will help leaders and teams to reflect on and find real solutions to business needs offering a risk-free high impact engagement. Our courses are educationally sound, academically researched, and business orientated WHO: The sessions can complement any workshops (face to face or digital) OR be independent. They can be used by a company (group) or an individual wanting to upskill themselves. OR a participant who has participated in an Essentials session and wants to independently upskill deeper in the topic.

Who these courses are for

Our courses are designed for both (A) companies that engage AND (B) independent learners. Including the options for those that have participated in (A) a company organised session, and want more (B) to develop their skills more (& even become accredited independently) ESSENTIALS PRE SESSION PACK Digital notebook (downloaded fillable PDF to be ready for the CORE session) Pre reading and videos Self refection’s - how this topic will be personally applied (Faces & Places) (downloaded fillable PDF) Survey / Assessments etc (Optional / as needed subject relevant: may be additional costs required depending on tools used / needed for the CORE session) THE CORE CONTENT COURSES with introduction section Face to face &/OR digital group workshops for companies / teams -OR- Individuals that engage independently. This section contains the core material of the workshop format as if the participant was observing a live workshop. The Core Content Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning the core content of the program (in workshop / webinar format). Can be posted in a bio, on LinkedIn. EXTENDED LEARNING JOURNEY COURSES This is a summary of our key courses using our 4Rs method. These are primarily designed as a POST learning session to follow on from the CORE CONTENT sessions. We have flipped the classroom to allow the learning to take place over time and applied in real time in the workplace. The Core Content Plus Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning the core content plus more through a blended learning experience (workshop / webinar + online course). ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT COURSES This is to ensure the learning up to this stage can be actioned and used. In this section the participant has to complete a case study / assignment / pitch / recording of a coaching session and present it. The assignment can be followed up with one-on-one coaching and feedback session (group or individual). Advanced Level Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning and applying the content from an extensive blended learning program including assessments and feedback (workshop / webinar, online course + case study with assignment & feedback) SPECIALISED ACCREDITED COACHING COURSES Become an accredited coach. Course divided into the learning core content plus assessment with feedback (see ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT COURSES as above) all leading to accreditation, so the participant can have a tool for their coaching toolbox to use as needed. (Note: prerequisite courses apply) Coach Accreditation Certificate (CAC): awarded showing that the content has been actively learnt, applied with demonstrated experience. A CAC person is trained to a level that allows the coach to coach others using the tool. They can be listed as an accredited coach on our websites. Can be posted in a bio (LinkedIn)