Course curriculum

  • 1

    General Introduction for Trainees

    • Welcome to the online Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course

    • Roles (who is who)

    • Flow of TTT learning process & accreditation information

    • Meet your master trainers & designers

    • How to navigate through this online course

    • Timing & Scheduling of this TTT course (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM)

    • Experiential learning and facilitation

    • Experiential learning is more than the sum of the parts

    • Our Non-Disclosure Policy to protect the IP

  • 2

    Introduction to this ON THIN ICE TTT course

  • 3

    Learning the CORE content & Preparation

    • ICE Overview & Presenters Guide (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM)

    • Overview of core concepts (videos)

    • Mission Manual (print for teams) (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM)

    • Designing the ICE room entry (video)

    • Introduction for ON THIN ICE

    • Introducing the teams and segueing from the stage to the floor

    • Pre-set up for all 6 Tasks

    • The Team Observers' role during the 6 tasks (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM)

    • Core content quiz

  • 4

    The 6 core I.C.E. Tasks

    • The I.C.E. Challenges-Tasks. (video intro)

    • TASK 1: Transfer to Base Camp

    • TASK 2: Define the Boundary

    • TASK 3: Construct the Tent

    • TASK 4: Communicate to HQ

    • TASK 5: Solve the Mystery – The Winter Over Party

    • TASK 6: To The Core (video)

    • TASK 6: Pre setup & Logisitics

    • TASK 6: The Observers Role

    • TASK 6: To The Core - Debrief

    • Halfway feedback recap (Video TTT demo) AND feedback session

  • 5

    The PPT slide deck and structure

    • Introduction to the PPT slide deck

    • The structure of the PPT slide deck (Leaders notes, Presenters view & Signpost slides)

    • VIDEOS: How to set up videos in the PPT slide deck

    • Scheduling the flow of the client workshop in EXCEL

  • 6

    Learning how to use the collaterals

    • ICE materials and team kits (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM)

    • Flipcharts & Notebook

    • Debriefing the sessions (Tasks 1-5, Task 6, and Going Home)

    • Pre Diagnostics, Polling and Surveys options (optional)

    • How to set up & manage The Polling apps

    • Post-program: Followup, Evaluation & Feedback Report (+PDF hard copy TTT-PM) (optional)

    • Post follow up Learning Journey - (optional)

  • 7

    Logistics and more resources

    • ICE Room Setup

    • Large Groups & Hollywood Themed Versions

    • Pre setup and tips (before & during the session)

    • TIRIAN SOP Licencing Protocols & Marketing

  • 8

    Assessment Test (Quiz)

    • About this ASSESMENT

    • Assessment Quiz: About the logistics, content (60 mins /24 Questions)

    • Quiz: My readiness (10 mins /7 questions)

  • 9


    • About the final assignments

    • Final Preparation, Presentation, Feedback and Assessment

    • Feedback Sesssion

    • Program evaluation and feedback about the PROGRAM and the TTT course


ON THIN ICE Program and Licencing Promo (Visa card feedback)

Licencing Options

This model is designed to provide scale. Please contact us for detailed pricing options as different programs have different options. Licensing is available for:

  1. Local companies/partnerships in specific available regions (Note: some regions may already have local partners with exclusivity.)
  2. Inhouse trainers 

1. Pre-approved facilitators in training: 
If you are enrolling in this course with a special coupon/link, as a pre-approved facilitator in training, through a partner company,  then ignore the blue paragraphs below.

2. Inhouse trainers &/or new partnership inquiry:
If you have landed on this page and are not already a partnering company, please contact us if you are interested in the full workshop and complete licensing partnership options. The fee to enroll in this course is just a sample price, as there are several options available, depending on the program & scale of the licensing. We will build the right package for your needs. (This advertised fee is only for A) the training course, as there are additional components such as: B)  accreditation and C) ongoing royalties or subscription.) 

If you are a leader/coach looking for more of a one-off independent self-led option to run with a team, or coaching tools, then consider our Core Element Option (Collaborator Canvas & Gameboards), and independent coaching accreditation courses.

The full COMMUNICATE suite of programs

This online learning train the trainer course focuses on Program #1 and Modules: 1-3.

The Reality of DYNAMIC Teams 

This TTT and accreditation course is only available for licensed partners. (Please contact us or see the options below)

CORE course TTT Accreditation

This Train the Trainer course will take a new facilitator through the steps and content needed to be able to run the ON THIN ICE session (face to face team building &/or workshop), modules 1, 2 and 3).

During the TTT session and along with learning the content the facilitator will also be asked to create a proposal, (based on the client's needs) AND choose the best slides from the extensive PPT slide deck, videos, worksheets and Miroboard. (face to face and digital options) 

Taking this TTT online course can replace some of  the face to face 3-day train the trainer to some degree. However, this does not mean less time can be invested by the facilitator. The beauty of online learning is that the facilitator can self-pace and go back over at any time material they need to be reacquainted with. 

Inside this course, it will walk the trainee through the process and introduce when to open the  PPT slide deck and other apps and recourses 

This course comes with

  1. A full flow by way of online content to walk the facilitator through what is needed to learn the material and deliver it (this online course)
  2. A PPT slide deck,  complete with comprehensive leaders notes, references and case studies.
  3. Digital and printable workbooks
  4. Padlet (digital) and Flipcharts (face to face) 

The online course can then be complemented as needed with more targeted training, coaching, feedback and support from our directors.


If you are interested in licensing this program please contact TIRIAN. 

Full Licensing TTT Course

The Full Licensed Workshop  

  • To understand more about the way the program is sold and delivered and how the programs and models can fit together OR be sold as standalone independent sessions to the client, please first look at our webpages

  • Program 1: ON THIN ICE (face to face version) program 1 is split into 2 main sections

    Section 1 (this course - modules ICE1.1, 1.2, & 1.3) contains the main (6) tasks & activities (great for conferences with a focus on fun team building.)

    Section 2 (extended course module ICE 1.4) Deep Dive implications and applications. (Beneath the ICE). This section contains  extended topics, deep dives, tools, models, activities, and case studies with assignments. + extensive collaterals (including participants' workbooks.) It's designed to flow across a full intervention. The sessions have the ability to be fully customized to suit client-specific outcomes.

  • THE FULL COMMUNICATE Suite includes a virtual version (Programs 2, 3 & 4) AND the option to offer the client an integrated blended learning ecosystem.

  • THIS COURSE: The TTT (Train the Trainer) accreditation licensed course will ensure the trainee becomes a professional workshop-accredited facilitator for the above programs and modules.  The training & accreditation includes online & instructor lead courses, extensive leaders' note, PPT slides,  assignments, personal training, learning, coaching and feedback.

  • EXPERIENCE IT FIRST YOURSELF! However, nothing beats first experiencing the program as if you were a participant - as this allows for the Ah HA moments of learning built into the design.

  • If you have landed on this page and are not already a partnering company, please contact us if you are interested in the full workshop and complete licensing partnership options. (The fee to enroll in this course is just a sample price, as there are many options available, depending on the scale of the licensing.)

    Section 2 Deep Dive implications and applications. (Beneath the ICE). 


Bonus material

  • Official eBook

    Download the official course ebook to support you as you work through the lessons.

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll be able to come back and review the content at any point.

Designers & Research Team

Andrew Grant  (BEd, Dip Tch)

Executive Director Tirian

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race”

Gaia Grant  (PhD, MSc, Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), BA, Dip Ed.)

Executive Director Tirian, Author, Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer
Associate Adjunct Faculty Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney Business School. 

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race” & Director of Tirian 

Contributing Researches & Co-designers:
- Dr Lloyd Irwin  (DMin) Leadership,
- Carol Fusek (former P&G executive)
With contributing polar explorers:
Matt McFadyen, Helen JamoaThaddeus Lawrence, & the late Peter Malcolm