Course curriculum

  • 1

    CSI2+ Intro for trainees

  • 2

    CSI2+ CORE course Leaders Collatorals

    • CSI2+ video summary SID tools in action

    • PPT Slide deck - learning

    • Miroboard - learning

    • Watch a sample CSI2+ Pitch back

    • Readiness to use the PPT and Miroboard

  • 3

    Accreditation assesment

    • Design Thinking Tools in action (4 case studies)

    • SID deep dive Design Thinking tools

    • ASSESMENT Quiz : Design thinking tools and uses

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    • Assignment 1: CSI2+ Advanced Assignment course with design thinking tools added

    • Assignment 2: Create a sample Proposal & Workshop flow

    • Assignment 3: Prepare a CSI2+ PPT slide deck, for the participants

    • Assignment 4: Prepare a CSI2+ flow

    • Self Assesment

Watch Intro Video


CSI Creative Scene Investigation Program and Licencing Promo

Licencing Options

This model is designed to provide scale. Please contact us for detailed pricing options as different programs have different options. Licensing is available for:

  1. Local companies/partnerships in specific available regions (Note: some regions may already have local partners with exclusivity.)
  2. Inhouse trainers 

1. Pre-approved facilitators in training: 
If you are enrolling in this course with a special coupon/link, as a pre-approved facilitator in training, through a partner company,  then ignore the blue paragraphs below.

2. Inhouse trainers &/or new partnership inquiry:
If you have landed on this page and are not already a partnering company, please contact us if you are interested in the full workshop and complete licensing partnership options. The fee to enroll in this course is just a sample price, as there are several options available, depending on the program & scale of the licensing. We will build the right package for your needs. (This advertised fee is only for A) the training course, as there are additional components such as: B)  accreditation and C) ongoing royalties or subscription.) 

If you are a leader/coach looking for more of a one-off independent self-led option to run with a team, or coaching tools, then consider our Core Element Option (Collaborator Canvas & Gameboards), and independent coaching accreditation courses.

About the CSI2+ TTT Accredtation course


Creative & Critical Thinking: Business Implications & Applications Deep Dive Lab- with Business Facilitation

Following on from the (CSI-2) workshop is the option to take a deep dive with actionable business facilitation, tools and coaching integrated with design thinking solutions & tools.

This is the “apply’ phase. After practising using a famous case study (P&G), the session then moves to work with a (your own) real company challenge / issue for team to solve.

This session is an extension of the full CSI2 workshop that deep dives into real issues.

The accredited executive level facilitator will learn how to walk a team through a series of well sequenced models (critical thinking /design thinking / CPS) to explore real ill-defined, tricky problems & or use the model to strategically look at future thinking challenges.  Starting with a real issue, the tools and models provided will assist groups in getting to a real solutions. 

The more “generic tools” traditionally used in a Design Thinking process are introduced in this course and placed in context to be used in the Tirian’s 7 phases to solve actual live “wicked” workplace issues.

A deep dive experience into the collaborative ‘Strategies for Innovative Development’ (SID) model, which shows how to come up with and use creative ideas and workshop them through to practical action plans. Covers 4 essential modes for taking a challenge from ideation to implementation, and focuses on solving real workplace challenges to develop practical solutions.

-Participants will walk away with the SID model for coming up with workable ideas and implementable solutions faster PLUS one or more business issues solved using the model. 

-The participants can be prepared / coached for a presentation back to stakeholders offering real solutions. 

-Stakeholder pre and post briefings should be included (& learn about the process / content) to ensure there is full alignment in the whole end to end process.

This facilitated session helps participants to use design & creative thinking strategies for problem solving. Using Tirian’s ‘Strategies for Innovative Development (SID)’ TM model, the facilitator takes the group through a series of well sequenced critical thinking steps to explore real ill-defined or tricky problems and come up with unique practical solutions. Tools include: Design Thinking, Convergent & Divergent Thinking, Brainstorming, Risk Matrix, Prospective Hindsight, Pre Mortem.

Outcomes and Outputs

Outcomes of this CSI2+ workshop: (with design thinking tools)

Participants use the same CSI2 SID model working flipcharts (workshop) OR miroboard (digital),  but instead of doing the P&G case study (from CSI2) they now use them to do their own independent ‘wicked’ problem  and case studies (with the added design thinking tools).

Additional SID Deep-dive Design thinking Tools are added: as flipcharts for a workshop in the room AND on the right-hand side of the Miroboard (unhidden frames).

After learning the content and how to present this course, at the end of this course, you will be asked to create and submit the following. Here is what is needed for the CSI2+ TTT course (with design thinking tools) 

Assignment 1: CSI2+ Advanced Assignment course with extra design thinking tools workings

Assignment 2: Create a sample  CSI2+ Proposal

Assignment 3: Prepare a CSI2+ PPT slide deck for presenting  

Assignment 4: Prepare a CSI2+ Logistics and flow for the client organiser and participants


Bonus material

  • Official eBook

    Download the official course ebook to support you as you work through the lessons.

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll be able to come back and review the content at any point.

Designers & Research Team

Andrew Grant  (BEd, Dip Tch)

Executive Director Tirian

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race”

Gaia Grant  (PhD, MSc, Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), BA, Dip Ed.)

Executive Director Tirian, Author, Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer
Associate Adjunct Faculty Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney Business School. 

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race” & Director of Tirian 

Contributing Researches & Co-designers:
- Dr Jason Gallate (PhD) Psychology & Neuroscience,
- Dr Lloyd Irwin  (DMin) Leadership,
- Carol Fusek (former P&G executive)