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THE INNOVATION RACING LINE: Strategic Planning Canvas 

The Innovation Racing Line: Strategic planning canvas, helps leaders and their teams to deal with competing innovation demands by using this canvas to effectively create a winning strategic plan.

Leaders that select this program want to engage a team to explore how leaders can identify & use to their benefit the paradoxical tension in leadership teams, when it comes to planning a way forwards (road map). 

The Innovation Racing Line Strategic Planning Canvas uses the metaphor of  'The Racing Line', Dr Grant's Dynamic Polar Positioning tool (DPoP) and the Innovative Change Leader (iCLi) assessment all combined into a simple strategic planning canvas. 

Preparation for innovation requires strategic project planning and implementation. This means getting from a start point to the finish line in the most efficient and effective way possible. To do this requires an ability to read and navigate a path that will enable maximum speed, but also to anticipate and mitigate risks.  

This powerful combination will ensure leaders and teams can build the best strategy by planning the most effective routes.

Teams learn how to map out a sustainable path, breaking the strategy down into distinct sections (including anticipating the challenging curves), and identifying the best ‘racing line’ to navigate the chosen path successfully.    

Dr Gaia Grant’s latest research reveals how understanding ‘Paradoxical Innovation Orientations’ (PIOs) and applying the ‘Dynamic Polar Positioning Tool’ (DPoP) at the individual, team and organisation levels can assist with fuelling innovation and sustainable growth. In this program participants learn how to manage the dynamic tension between the principles of exploration, for breakthrough new innovation ideas, and preservation, for incremental continuous improvement and then apply it to strategic planning.  They learn how to lead teams to ensure they are propelled forward rather than ripped apart by the creative tension. Through this process participants come to appreciate the importance of becoming ambidextrous, agile and aligned future-ready leaders. 


  1. Anyone wanting to successfully create a winning strategic plan.
  2. Coaches who have completed the Ambidextrous Future-Ready Leadership - Coaching Accreditation course & certification for using the Innovation Change Leadership Inventory (iCLi),  can use this team canvas for small work teams.
  3. Leaders and their teams that want to create a winning strategic plan, using the Innovation Race tools and models. 
  4. Leaders who have participated in the an INNOVATE professionally facilitated sessions and would like to use the canvas for their teams.

OUTLINE & FLOW (approx 1-2 hours)

  1. Understand the metaphor (the racing line)
  2. Learn the model
  3. Build the canvas (strategically plan)
  4. Implement and execute


  • How to move forward to embrace change, and how a leader can manage this tension using the paradox theory of understanding ‘exploration’ and ‘preservation’ biases.
  • How to use innovation tensions successfully to become future ready, rather than have the tensions of ‘change’ tear a team / organisation apart.
  • Your own bias towards innovation through the validated ‘Innovation Change Leader’ (iCLi) profile measure, and identify if you are ready to be an innovative leader
  • Identify how to lead and manage innovation through successfully navigating the 4 key innovation paradoxes.
  • Understand the ‘Paradoxical Innovation Leadership Orientations’ (PILOs) and how they can assist with strategic alignment and enable leadership ambidexterity
  • Consider your individual strengths and challenges.
  • Build a winning strategic plane. (road map)

Optional Assesment

The iCLi profile

  • The purpose of this canvas is to strategically plan and use the best team to execute it.
  • Therefore each participant is recommended (but not required)  to have completed an iCLi, and bring their graph results.
  • This will require separate purchasing of the iCLi per person. 
  • If participants have already completed their iCLi then there is no need to do it again.


Watch Intro Video

Video Future-ready Psychometric Assessment Tools

The Platform

The team leader/coach will enrol in this online course in order to get access to an ONLINE THE INNOVATION RACING LINE: Strategic Planning Canvas 

The actual canvas session takes place on a Miroboard. This course is to set the leader up to run the session (and to make payment). The THE INNOVATION RACING LINE: Strategic Planning Canvas comes complete with instructions, videos & steps, for the leader to run the core elements of the program independently.

This canvas is not content-heavy. It's a tool/canvas to be used for discussion and strategic planning.  For coaches wanting to dive deep into the content, we recommend becoming trained and accredited. This can be achieved by enrolling in the course called:

- Ambidextrous Future-Ready Leadership - COACHING ACCREDITATION course. Includes certification for using the Innovation Change Leadership Inventory (iCLi)

Digital Delivery Options

There are several delivery options to choose from:

The digital program comes with the  digital Miro-board and online exercises. The session can be self-led by an independent leader OR coach. This can also be complemented with more content from a professional facilitator and other online resources. The digital board is complete with instructions and videos to allow teams to independently self-guide through the session.

Self-led teams (option #2) have the option to also upload their boards and assessments to receive professional Analysis /Feedback /Coaching and help to identify innovation leadership capabilities. (extra fees apply)

Dive deep with an expert professional facilitator

Book an accredited facilitator to walk you / your team(s) through the full program in a virtual or face to face workshop setting. This allows for an extended comprehensive debrief, to reach more customized outcomes and develop action plans.

HOW? contact Tirian to book a workshop.
(consider becoming a licenced partner or accredited facilitator)

Collaborate in independent self-led teams

If you are on this course page, then you have landed on Option-2. 

Click the BUY button at the very top of this page. The above fee is only paid once by the team leader and covers everyone on the team. Whilst the leader & team can revisit the board at any time, the fee is for a single  leader and their team. 

Ask us about enterprise scalable board usage.

Purchase the digital Miroboard as an independent team, and use the format to discuss the topic in teams, using the online video & written instructions. Suited to Leaders and teams that want to self-diagnose the current personal, team and organisation culture that and tension that innovation and change brings.
a) Only the team leader needs to purchase this course online.  
b) The team leader follows the course flow,  logistics info & instructions to coordinate with their team.
c) We will send a unique ULR to the actual digital Miroboard. 
d) The team leader then invites the rest of their team (rec  7) by way of the unique URL (browser-based) to join the  digital Miroboard.

This digital Miro board can also be printed onto A1 large flipchart paper and used physically in a face-to-face team session.

Explore the concepts as an individual

Individual self-paced learning through walking through the board ideas and concepts independently, and/or combining the experience with learning modules as part of the full bundle self-paced online courses.

HOW?  purchase as above. (option 2)


Multiple tools to enable a deeper more enriched experience.

These Tools, Collaborative Canvases, Action Boards, and Gamified Simulations can be used in a variety of ways including being integrated into a face-to-face or virtual workshop/coaching session, AND as an extension for leaders to explore the concepts in more detail with their teams. The online canvas comes complete with instructions, videos, and steps, for any leader to run independently OR engage a professional facilitator to run as part of a complete (content-rich) workshop.

Coaches can purchase and then use these additional tools to work with individuals and small teams.

Most of the tools in this INNOVATION suite require some understanding of the key models used such as the: Innovative Change  Leader Inventory (iLCI) and the Dynamic Polar Positioning Tool  (DPoP) 

Diagnose faster. Collaborate better. Independent leaders and teams can now diagnose issues faster and collaborate better. These Core Elements courses are based on unique self-led Collaborator Canvases and Gamified Simulations. These resources are designed to create safe spaces for teams to discuss challenges and identify effective solution strategies to ensure tension drives sustainable innovation.


1) Ambidextrous Leadership Collaborative Team Coaching Canvas: A coaching canvas that can be used to identify areas of tension and opportunities within a team. 

2) iCLi (Innovation Change Leader Inventory) Assessment (Individual, team, and Organisation, +360)

3) Innovation Action Board: Designed to capture all the learnings, data and action plans used by a full (large) team at the end of a workshop session.

4) The Innovation Racing Line: Strategic Planning Canvas: Uses the uniquely developed Dynamic Polar Positioning tool (DPoP) to ensure leaders and teams can build the best strategy through planning the most effective route. Teams learn how to map out a sustainable path, breaking the strategy down into distinct sections (including anticipating the challenging curves), and identifying the best ‘racing line’ and crew to navigate the chosen path successfully.  

5) The Innovation Race: Destinations Simulation & Culture Mapping – Collaborators Canvas
 An immersive simulation (full licensed workshop) designed to help teams explore the organization’s strategic positioning. Using the Dynamic Polar Positioning (DPoP) model, this simulation identifies current and desired states to look at the big picture and map the organization’s capabilities and gaps. The end output is to establish a strategic sustainable innovative path with implementable action plans. 


More info about the Innovation ToolKits can be found at


Additional add ons and resources

This current course is for an individual, coach, leader with their small team (or one on one) to explore via a coaching model the implications of the iCLi assessment and future-ready leadership. 

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (can be purchased) 

  • Team leadership graph
  • Team leadership report

The iCLi 360 version: By identifying both individual self-perceptions and team perceptions of individual perspectives, the 360 report enables greater insight into individual strengths and challenges, and enables more targeted opportunities for development. By demonstrating how it is possible to build on strengths and address potential challenge areas, the 3\iCLi360 tool provides an invaluable tool for ongoing success.

Analysis /Feedback /Coaching Options

  • $980.00


    We recommend coaches first take this Coaching Accreditation course to learn in-depth about the iCLi profiling assessment.
    Buy Now
  • $500.00

    $500.00Analysis, Feedback & Coaching (AFC)

    Self-led teams have the option to upload their canvas / board / assessments to receive professional Analysis /Feedback /Coaching. Help to identify readiness & capabilities.
    Buy Now

Designers & Research Team

Andrew Grant (BEd, Dip Tch)

Executive Director Tirian

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race”

Gaia Grant  (PhD, MSc, Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), BA, Dip Ed.)

Executive Director Tirian, Author, Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer
Associate Adjunct Faculty Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney B
usiness School. 
Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race” & Director of Tirian 

To see our full list of accredited coaches please visit


  • How do people purchase the IR-Canvas /Board?

    ANSWER: The ‘miro’ board /canvas, is accessed through our Learning Management System and forms the CORE ELEMENTS program part of a larger INNOVATE suite. By purchasing and enrolling in the CORE Elements course module, OR TEAM COURSE, (or the bundle pack), this will allow the leader to receive a URL link to their own board and then share it with their team. To receive the board canvas URL, enrol and we should be notified. You can start on the Pre-Course immediately, however for the board link, please allow a 2-3 working days.

  • What is the best team size per 'canvas / board?

    ANSWER: There are up to 7 places on the board. This course is designed for a very small close team. (team coaching). The board is for reflection, discussion & feedback. It is not designed for teaching. Any larger will require the engagement of a full workshop.

  • I have more than 1 team, and more than 8 people.

    ANSWER: You can automatically buy and start running the session immediately for you as a leader and your 1 team (max 8). If you want to purchase more than one canvas /board or repeat for future sessions, contact us (TIRIAN) and we can arrange codes and an invoice. Noting that this canvas board is for team coaching only. Anything larger should fall under the engagement of a complete workshop.

  • Do i need to have completed (purchased) the iCLi assesment prior to this session?

    Recommended but not required. The iCLi assessment is not included in this package price. This is because some will purchase the iCLi assessment and not this board, or may choose to use this course / board at a later stage.

  • Can an individual use the 'canvas /board?

    ANSWER: Yes. The board can be used by individuals but its designed for a small team. Individuals can walk through the board ideas and concepts independently, with the recommended option to combine the experience with the other learning modules as part of the full bundle self-paced online courses. (Pre-course, Learning Journey, and the book).

  • Is there any more?

    YES: we have a full integrated course (including PRE and POST learning, with ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT and ACCREDITATION options. ... ... There is also the opportunity to buy LICENCING and train the trainer for large scale roll-outs and/or independent training companies. .... This progam is also part of a larger Suite. ... ... After completing this course, you can go onto be engaged with more Suites in this topic.


    More FAQs, course logistics and info are found in the courses pages (free preview sections). However, to access these, you will need to create a free account and log in.