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About this course:

Diagnose creative blocks faster!

This course revolves around a Diagnostic Creative Blocks Gameboard Simulation: A non-competitive gamified diagnostic tool to explore blocks to creativity and to identify the best rescue strategies. The simulation is deliberately themed as a crime scene investigation to allow for safe discussions of challenges through fictional characters. This session can focus on improving creative thinking for individuals and teams and/or for building a more creative organisational culture. This session should be a critical prelude for any creative thinking / design thinking / agile or innovation intervention a team or company is embarking on. 

What you will learn:

Start your investigation now, with this  digital gameboard for leaders & teams. Introducing a new tool for diagnosing team challenges & facilitating important discussions. This session is used to identify the psychological, cultural & environmental blocks to creative thinking.   

The Importance of this topic

We need to be creative to be innovative. But the relentless push to innovate faster is producing a toxic culture that may undermine the whole creative process. In our rush for end results fast, we could ironically be killing the very thing that will lead us to innovation: creativity. Creativity and innovation are not interchangeable words, and it’s important for effective businesses to understand why. This session should be an important prelude for any creative thinking / design thinking / agile or innovation intervention a team or company is hoping to achieve, along with the first steps individuals should take to learn about being more creative.


Who is this course for?

- Leaders and their teams who wish to explore (in a safe environment) the psychological  & environmental attributes that can inhibit creative thinking,

- Leaders that want to ensure action steps, allowing a more creative culture to flourish. (better ideas, faster).

- Leaders (& their teams) that want to successfully embark on risk-free Design Thinking Projects.

A Memorable Theme: 

The highly popular 'Who Killed Creativity?' (game /workshop/TEDx talk and book),  is now available online as a digital diagnostic and discussion too. It is available to be engaged by a leader with their team using online collaborative software - virtually.  This is a gamified , non-competitive exercise with a memorable CSI theme . The team members take on the role of detectives, to solve a crime, ensuring full engagement and participation, allowing what will be learnt to last.
- The format of this session is educationally sound. It enables teams to identify what can block and enable creative thinking - with the options of looking at the individual psychological level, the team dynamics level & the organization culture level.
- The research that backs the content in this program,  is academically validated, is the subject of published books and white papers, and has been used practically by many Fortune 500 companies. 


The session flows through 7 stages including: An Introduction, The What (suspects), The How (weapons), The Where (locations), The Rescues Attributes & Strategies, Action planning and Goal setting. The stages are introduced by the facilitator &/OR online instructions and videos.


Digital logistics:

- Time: 2-3 hours

- Team Size:  4-8 per board

- Gameboard Platform: Miroboard

More Info

  • Official eBook

    Download the official course ebook to support you as you work through the lessons.

  • Bonus Material

    Special intro Team Leader price includes the CSI1: Intro, Pre Course & Essentials Pack - packed with pre-reading, videos, reflections & personal digital notebooks.

  • Lifetime Access

    Whilst each Miroboard requires a separate purchase / new link per team. As a leader, you’ll be able to come back and review the instructions, and the participants can view the INTRO-PRECOURSE at any time, along with having a record of their board.

Digital Delivey Options

There are several delivery options to choose from:

The CSI1 digital program comes with the ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ digital Miro-board and online exercises. The session can be self-lead by an independent leader. This can also be complemented with more content from a professional facilitator and other online resources. The digital board is complete with instructions and videos to allow teams to independently self-guide through the session. 

Dive deep with an expert professional facilitator

Book an accredited facilitator to walk you / your team(s)  through the full program in a A) face to face, OR  B) virtual live workshop setting.  This allows for extended content & a comprehensive debrief, to reach more customized outcomes and develop action plans.

HOW? contact Tirian to book a workshop.
(consider becoming a licenced partner or accredited facilitator)

Collaborate in independent self-led teams

If you are on this course page, then you have landed on  this Option-2. 

Click the BUY button at the very top of this page. The above fee is only paid once by the team leader and covers everyone on the team. Whilst the leader & team can revisit the board at any time, the fee is for a single use per board for one team. Running the session for different teams, require extra boards purchases.

 Purchase the 'Who Killed Creativity?' digital Miroboard as an independent team, and use the game format to discuss the topic in teams, using the online video & written instructions. Suited to Leaders and teams that want to self-diagnose the current personal, team and organisation culture that might block or allow creative thinking to flourish.
a) Only the team leader needs to purchase this course online.  
b) The team leader follows the course flow,  logistics info & instructions to coordinate with their team.
c) We will send a unique ULR to the actual digital Miroboard. 
d) The team leader then invites the rest of their team (max 7) by way of the unique URL (browser-based) to join the  CSI 1-Who Killed Creativity digital Miroboard.

Explore the concepts as an individual

Individual self-paced learning through walking through the board ideas and concepts independently, and/or combining the experience with learning modules as part of the full bundle self-paced online courses.

HOW?  leave this course and look for the course called Creative Thinking Fundamentals (CSI1) CORE COURSE (for INDIVIDUALS) + “Who Killed Creativity? Digital gameboard


The Online LMS (Courses.Tirian.Com) And Gameboards (Miroboard)

CSI1 leader online LMS course. This is the course only the team leader logs into. (It's used to make payment, learn how to use the Miroboard and run the team session.  (only the leaders purchases this) 
>> You are on this course page now.

CIS1 Miroboard. This is the actual board the team works on together. 
>> You (the leader) will be sent a unique URL link to access your own team board.


Designers & Research Team

Andrew Grant (BEd, Dip Tch)

Executive Director Tirian

Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race”

Gaia Grant  (PhD, MSc, Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), BA, Dip Ed.)

Executive Director Tirian, Author, Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer
Associate Adjunct Faculty Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney B
usiness School. 
Co-author “Who Killed Creativity” & “The Innovation Race” & Director of Tirian 

Contributing Researches & Co-designers:
- Dr Jason Gallate (PhD) Psychology & Neuroscience,
- Dr Lloyd Irwin  (DMin) Leadership,
- Carol Fusek (former P&G executive)


  • How do people purchase the CSI-1 'Who Killed Creativity?' WKC-board?

    ANSWER: The ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ board, is accessed through our Learning Management System and forms the CORE program for the CSI-1 course. By purchasing and enrolling in the CSI-1 CORE course module, OR (CSI1) TEAM COURSE, (or the bundle pack), this will allow the leader to receive a URL link to their own ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ board and then share it with their team. To receive the gameboard URL, enroll and we should be notified. You can start on the Pre-Course immediately, however for the WKC board link, please allow a 2-3 working days.

  • What is the best team size per 'Who Killed Creativity?' (WKC-board)?

    ANSWER: There are 7 detective roles around the board + a head detective (leader/host) role. Each detective (participant) is assigned one of the 7 suspect profile groups. If you have less than 7 participants, then a few suspect profile groups will not have an assigned detective. Solution: any detective that has finished their steps first, can jump into an empty suspect profile group and complete it. OR as a team, you can do any leftover groups together (most relevant to steps, 2 & 3).

  • I have more than 1 team, and more than 8 people.

    ANSWER: You can automatically buy and start running the session immediately for you as a leader and your 1 team (max 8). If you want to purchase more than one gameboard or repeat gameboards for future sessions, contact us (TIRIAN) and we can arrange codes and an invoice. If you are a leader needing to manage more than one gameboard in a single session, then you can set each team up to self-play, then bring them back to your online platform (Zoom/MS teams, etc.) to debrief.

  • Can an individual use the 'Who Killed Creativity?' WKC-board?

    ANSWER: Yes! The board is primarily set up for teams to play, however, it can easily be used by individuals. Some of the instructions pertaining to teams may not be relevant. Example - for a team of 7 they will each write their names in the detective spots. As an individual, you will play all 7 detectives roles, so no need to write your name in the 7 detective spaces. Individuals can walk through the board ideas and concepts independently, with the recommended option to combine the experience with the other learning modules as part of the full bundle self-paced online courses. (Pre-course, Learning Journey, and the book).


    Team price bought by the team leader: Promo introductory price is $300p/team. This currently includes a complimentary Pre-Course for all team members. Only the team leader purchases the CORE TEAM package, and shares the Pre-Course and “Who Killed Creativity?’ Gameboard URL links with their team (max 8 per team). The 'Who Killed Creativity?’ board is good for one team of up to 8 participants.

  • Is this a competitive game like Monopoly, Risk, or Clue?

    ANSWER: Although the ‘Who Killed Creativity?' board exercise may have a similar theme to a CSI, whodunit, murder mystery or a game, like Clue (Cluedo), ours is not designed as a competitive contest with winners and losers. The focus is on using a gameboard layout with some gamification elements connected to an integrated memorable theme, which enables productive discussions in a safe space. This approach helps individuals and teams to explore, diagnose and discuss fictional ‘creativity killer’ characters to help identify what can block creative thinking and how it can be possible to get it back. The aim of the exercise is to use this metaphor to explore psychological, cultural and environmental blocks to creative thinking, and to devise personal action plans to deal with these.

  • Is there any more?

    YES: we have a full integrated course (including PRE and POST learning, with ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT and ACCREDITATION options. ... ... There is also the opportunity to buy LICENCING and train the trainer for large scale roll-outs and/or independent training companies. .... This CSI1 progam is also part of a larger Suite. ... ... After completing this CSI1 diagnistic course, you can go onto be engaged with more Suites in this topic. These include: Harnessing Creative Intelligence (CQ) - for a competitive business advantage ... ... Creative Thinking Strategies: Skills to redesign your brain for generating unique ideas. ... ... Critical Thinking Skills: How to use critical thinking for more effective problem solving. ... ... Implications & Applications: Business facilitation with case study & coaching. TRY & APPLY: Become a company (eg P&G case study) and practice using the method to solve a seemingly impossible “wicked” problem. ... ... Innovation: How to Win The Innovation Race.


    More FAQs, course logistics and info are found in the courses pages (free preview sections). However, to access these, you will need to create a free account and log in.

Watch Intro Video

Video CSI-1 Digital Game Introduction 'Who Killed Creativity?'

ABOUT CSI-1 Digital Game Version (4 min)