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Self-led Collaborator Canvases’ and gamified simulations


Unlocking creativity and building creative potential – Who Killed Creativity?... And how can we get it back? Self-led diagnostic Gameboard Simulation

A non-competitive gamified diagnostic tool to discuss and explore what blocks creativity and rescue strategies. The session can focus on individuals, teams and/or organisational culture. The simulation is deliberately themed as a crime scene investigation, to allow a safe discussion behind fictional characters.

2) CREATE: (CSI2 )


Coming up with better ideas faster – The 7 Core Creative & Critical Thinking Rescue Strategies (with design thinking) Self-led Collaborator Canvas

A collaborative canvas that uses creative and critical thinking for a team to come up with better ideas faster. Incorporates the Strategies for Innovative Development model, and Design Thinking tools.  (CSI2)


Creating a culture that supports innovation and change - Future-Ready Ambidextrous Leadership Self-led Collaborator Coaching Canvas

A coaching canvas for a coach and team to see the value of & explore the concepts around Ambidextrous Future-ready Leadership. Focusing on resolving the tension surrounding teams who need to innovate. A great way to debrief the Innovation Climate Leadership Inventory (iCLi) profiling tool, & utilizing the strengths of a diverse team. https://the-innovation-race.com/assessments/

4) COMMUNICATE: Dealing with the Reality of Virtual Teams

A)  The Winter Over Mystery Game (ICE2) is a gamified exercise to test a team's ability to communicate virtually, and in the process- learn to share & sort critical information in order to effectively problem solve. The simulation is deliberately themed with memorable research from Antarctica, and the insights gained are then applied to real work contexts. The debriefing strategies focus on how to tighten team communication processes. 

B) Beneath the ICE is a deep dive canvas (ICE4)  that uses sociographs to map a team.


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  4. Each team member will open their own browser and collaborate on the shared board.
  5. You (the leader) will walk the team through the board /canvas following the instructions, videos & steps.

    • Once you have gone through the 'CORE COURSE for TEAMS' and used the Miroboard Canvas, you probably won't need to go through the core course each time. 
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    • Each board is single-use per team. However, the team can revisit the board at any time.

      Please note this Bulk Buy Self-led Collaborator Canvases’ and gamified simulations (the page you are on now) is only for leaders who have already enrolled in one of the CORE COURSE for TEAMS and now want to buy multiple Collaborator Canvases’ and gamified simulations. If you have not completed the CORE COURSE for TEAMS, pick the subject, and do so now - its the same fee.

      Each CORE COURSE for TEAMS, walks you through the full logistics of how to use the Miroboard and gives some instructions and background information on the specific board and subject, and how to run and debrief it.
      CORE COURSE for TEAMS  https://bit.ly/3vPDSLR